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School Recovery Plan

The Government closed schools again to most pupils on 5 January 2021  due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Home Farm remained open throughout both lockdown periods for Key Worker children, vulnerable children and EHCP pupils. School has provided remote learning opportunities to all pupils.  School will reopen to all pupils on 8th March.

When we reopen our focus will be:
  • Adapt for safety: To ensure that the school site, building and procedures are adapted to reflect the latest safety guidelines.
  • Recover for well-being: That staff and children have positive mental health and well-being following the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Focus on learning: That gaps in children’s learning are addressed and that resources and interventions are implemented in the most effective way.

If we are successful, by the end of our recovery plan implementation period:

  • The building and site will be safe for pupils, staff and school community.
  • Procedures will follow and reflect the current guidelines. 
  • Staff and children will have had the opportunities to reflect on and recover from their experiences over the Covid-19 period and are mentally fit and well, ready for learning and can access all aspects of school life.
  • Teachers will have identified and addressed gaps and misconceptions.
  • Children will be able to access the work matched to their year group.











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