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At Home Farm Primary School from Years 1 to Year 6 our Maths curriculum is driven by sound pedagogy and research designed to support teachers in delivering a mastery curriculum. This provides a unique approach that develops true mathematical understanding right from the start. 

Our pupils enjoy maths because it is practical, relevant and broadens their thinking. Our style of mathematics teaching recognises the importance of Maths in our daily lives and helps our children to:

  • Learn the skills of numeracy, geometry and measure that they can be used in everyday life and developed later for the specific demands of a particular career
  • Develop problem-solving and reasoning skills that are vital in our day-to-day life
  • Develop thinking skills – an invaluable skill in every subject area

Our approach to Maths gives our school:

  1. A consistent whole-school approach-  A structured and coherent mathematics curriculum for the whole school, helping us to deliver a high-quality mathematics education to every child which builds upon the skills taught in each year group.
  2. High expectations for all- Underpinned by the ambition for all children to excel and develop a sense of excitement about mathematics
  3. Fluency with number- Strong emphasis is placed on developing quick and accurate number skills
  4. Deep understanding- Using a powerful learning system of concrete objects, actions and vocabulary, a solid understanding, Maths is developed from the earliest stages, leading to strong reasoning and problem-solving skills


  1. To offer a Maths curriculum that is based on the Primary Framework for mathematics which is appropriate and accessible to the needs and abilities of all our pupils
  2. To enable every child to enjoy mathematics
  3. We aim to nurture positive attitudes by matching the task to the child. We believe that successful learning enables the child to develop the confidence to meet the challenge of new work
  4. To ensure account is taken of what the child already knows when planning Maths activities
  5. To give children a firm basis of knowledge and skills so that they are numerate and able to work flexibly and think clearly
  6. To enable children to work as partners to find appropriate strategies for problem solving
  7. To lead children towards the idea that Maths is a creative activity, involving imagination, intuition and discovery


“Mathematics is not only taught because it is useful. It should also be a source of delight and wonder, offering pupils intellectual excitement and an appreciation of its essential creativity.”  (Non Statutory Guidance 1:25)

Progression of Skills, Knowledge and Understanding

Maths Guidance and Programme of Study

Maths Long Term Planning

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