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Competency in reading, writing, speaking and listening is encouraged and developed throughout the curriculum in order to enable children to communicate confidently and effectively. English is taught daily, both as a discrete subject and through the foundation subjects.


Read Write Inc. is a systematic phonics scheme which is introduced from Nursery through to Year 2. Read Write Inc. supports the Letters and Sounds document which is broken into Phases which move through very early listening and responding to sounds at Phase 1 to more complex sounds written and sounded out at to an approximate reading age of 7-8 years at Phase 6. The Read Write Inc. scheme mirrors the Phases.

Read Write Inc. is adapted to suit the needs of the children and taught in groups up to Year 2 by both teachers and support staff.  It is taught as intervention/catch up in year 3. Children are grouped into very similar abilities in reading. Where children are taught in small groups teachers have the overview of all the children in their class and assess the delivery of the sessions. Staff involved in the teaching of Read, Write Inc. receive regular updates and in house training to support the programme. Children move through the scheme as their ability and confidence develops. 

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Accelerated Reader

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 have access to the computer program Accelerated Reader, through which teachers manage and monitor children's independent reading practice. Pupils select a book to read at their own pace and when they have finished they take a short computer quiz to assess their understanding of the text. At Home Farm we have a well stocked library which enables pupils to select books which are appropriate for their reading level but also interest them and make them want to read. 

The Power of Reading

At Home Farm Primary School we encourage a love of books and reading. We use The Power of Reading, which engages teachers and children in the literacy curriculum via the study of high quality books and very creative teaching.  The Power of Reading teaching sequences provide an approach to teaching the English curriculum which is creative, engaging and develops a love of reading and books.

Guided Reading

In KS2, guided reading lessons are delivered to the whole class. This can involve studying short texts/extracts or whole texts. This approach allows pupils to move faster through texts and benefit from the teacher's explanations, modelling, questioning and feedback. It also enables the integration of topic-related reading, reading as a stimulus for writing and reading a wide variety of genres.


Correct letter formation is taught in the Early Years through Read, Write, Inc. Cursive is introduced in Year 1. Handwriting in Years 2 to 6 is taught in discrete lessons.


Pupils are taught using the word lists for Years 1,2,3 &4 and Years 5 & 6 to teach the spelling curriculum alongside the relevant National Curriculum statutory requirements. 


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