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We would like to welcome all parents and carers to Home Farm Nursery and we are looking forward to working together in partnership with you to ensure the best possible start for your child at school.

Please can we introduce you to the Nursery Team:

Mrs Kemple (Nursery Teacher)

Mrs Cutter ( Nursery Nurse)

Mrs Halliday (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Mehmood (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Demir (Lunchtime Cover)

Mrs Frith (Lunchtime Cover)

Learning Journeys

Children's learning journeys will be available for parents/carers to look at:

Apple Group - Monday- Wednesday (8.45am - 8.55am)

Pear Group - Wednesday (12.20pm - 12.30pm)

                         Thursday-Friday (8.45am - 8.55am)

Parents of full time children are welcome to look at their child's learning journey Monday - Friday (8.45am - 8.55am)

Library Books

Each child will be able to take home a library book once a week. Library books will be changed:

Apple Group - Tuesdays

Pear Group - Fridays

Full time children can change their book on either Tuesdays or Fridays


The children are offered milk and fruit every day. On a wednesday the children will have something different for snack e.g. biscuit, jelly, toast, crackers, spaghetti, etc. We ask for a contribution of £2 every half term for part-time children and £3 every half term for full time children. This will also help towards baking activities with the children. Thank you for your support.


Nursery's weekly newsletter will be available to parents on SchoolPing. Parents are encouraged to complete the 'home challenges' each week with their child

Thank you for your support

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