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Meet the Staff

Headteacher: Mrs J. Poole

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S. Durant

Acting Assistant Headteacher: Mrs K. Halpin


Professional Services Manager: Mrs K. Kitson

PA to the Headteacher: Mrs S. Tynan

Site Manager: Mr M. Kitson

Assistant Site Manager: Mr C. Brewster

IT Technician: Mr Nahveed Younis


Office Manager: Mrs J. Myatt

Supported by: Mrs T. Clelland, Mrs G. Helliwell


Special Needs Coordinator: Mrs K. Halpin

Speech and Language Assistant - Miss H. Brewster


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Cover Supervisor

Miss J. Stott

Mrs A. Mehmood


Mrs H. Kemple - Nursery Teacher

Mrs A. Cutter - Nursery Nurse 

Supported by: Mrs J. Halliday, Mrs C. Demir, Mrs J. Frith, Mrs A. Mehmood, Mrs M. Hirst


Ms K. Clarke - Class Teacher (RC)

Miss C. Green - Class Teacher (RHB)

Miss C. Bennett - Class Teacher (RHB)

Supported by: Miss S. Taylor, Miss C. Schofield, Mrs A. Mehmood, Mrs M. Hirst

Year 1

Mrs S. Usman - Class Teacher (1U)

Mrs G. Schofield - Class Teacher (1S)

Supported by: Mrs J. Calvert, Mrs P. McAndrew, Mrs R. Walsh, Mrs M. Hirst, Mrs A. Mehmood

Year 2

Miss S. Harper - Class Teacher (2SH)

Mrs A. Hamilton - Class Teacher (2AH)

Supported by: Mrs P. Watmough, Mrs J. Ward, Miss C. Noon, Mrs C. Gilderdale

Year 3

Miss S. Ahmed - Class Teacher (3A)

Mrs R. Lloyd - Class Teacher (3L)

Supported by: Mrs A. Wilde, Mrs J. Davies, Mrs C. Gilderdale

Year 4

Mrs I. Bojczuk - Class Teacher (4B)

Mr S. Gallagher - Class Teacher (4J)

Mrs J. Jones - Class Teacher (4J)

Supported by: Mrs D. Midgley, Mrs R. Mistry, Mrs E. Garnett-Jowett, Mrs C. Gilderdale

Year 5

Miss K. Walker - Class Teacher (5W)

Miss M. McKay - Class Teacher (5M)

Supported by: Mrs M. Prendergast, Miss S. Womersley, Mrs P. Baron, Mrs S. Taylor, Mrs J. Moore, Miss J. Stott

Year 6

Mrs A. Lee - Class Teacher (6L)

Miss S. Patel - Class Teacher (6L)

Mrs E. Wooler - Class Teacher (6W)

Supported by: Mrs H. Gledhill, Mrs V. Field, Mrs G. Crowther, Mrs J. Moore, Miss J. Stott

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